MIND PAL Telemedicine System

Students on this project will help build an innovative, easy to use, and indispensable MIND PAL (Medical Information Nurse Direct Personal Assistant Link) system. This system will prove itself to be a valuable tool for nurses, doctors, and particularly patients of hospices. The MIND PAL will consist of following features on a PDA Platform:
  1. GPS for the traveling nurse
  2. Camera function, which enables recording and telecommunication with physicians in remote locations
  3. Dictation functions for nurses, doctors, and/or patients
  4. Calendars
  5. Flow chart functions (cascade pages and buttons) with ease of use of GUI interface
  6. E-mail functions for communication and task orders
  7. Fingerprint or password access for security
  8. Access to pharmaceutical databases
  9. Virtual Private Network, which will tunnel through wireless wide area network.
  10. Seamless integrations of a server system, operating system, application software, PDA's and its associated hardware together with a secured wireless network
Phase I: Phase II: Phase III: Ms. Wanda Orton and Dr. Bruce Hackman, Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, will provide user requirements and guidance on MIND PAL's functions, usability, and user interface, so we can build a system of their choice and liking.

Students will assist Dr. Wen in the writing of software programs and integration of systems.

We all look forward to building a successful MIND PAL for Phelps Memorial Hospital Center's Hospice Care.