Project Information
ID Customer
(primary in green + SMEs)
Project Student Team
(team leader in green, extra in brown)
1 Dr. Tom Lombardi (CSIS)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
QA/Maintenance Tools Srinivas Vittal
Hanting Lin, Ancey Varghese
2 Dr. Wen (Pres., Wen Tech)
Wanda Orton (Phelps Hosp.)
Alex Wong (Consultant)
Sudha Kannan (Consultant)
Telemedicine System
Jacques St. Louis
Delroy Brown, Maryam Yafaie
3 Matt Ganis (DPS)
Drs. Cha/Tappert (CSIS)
Astronomy Image System
Michael Pasacrita
Raghu Basavaraju, Anne D'Onofrio
4 Mary Villani (DPS)
Marc Katzenberg (Consultant)
Drs. Cha/Tappert (CSIS)
Keystroke Biometric System Justin Simone
Giang Ngo, Huguens St. Fort
5 Dr. Ron Frank (CSIS)
Business Filing System Roy Baksh
(requested team of one)
6 Dr. Peggy Minnis (Dyson)
Weather Station folks
Weather Station Website Leslie Meadows
Frank Perkins, Jason Salomon
7 Dr.Kalia (JPMorganChase)
Complaint Desk
(Extra Credit)
8 Dr. Tappert (CSIS) Speech Tool System
(Extra Credit)
9 Dr. Tappert (CSIS) Group Assignment System
(Extra Credit)
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