Astronomy Image System

Matt Ganis, a DPS student, needs a stand-alone, PC-based system to maintain a database of images and their associated attributes. The system must also allow for appropriate query functions to be developed.

The system needs the capability to:

The customer will gather images from various sources. Some of the images will be "hand" classified as having particular attributes (i.e., these are tracking problems - causing streaks, these are out of focus, these are over exposed, these are under exposed, etc). The recognition portion of the system (e.g., neural network, once it is developed) will have the capability to automatically classify images.

Images will likely be in FITS format so a fits-viewer will need to be incorporated. The system should, however, support multiple image types (.jpg, .gif, .bmp). A conversion function from *.fits to *.jpg would be an added option. FITS files also contain several pieces of metadata that should be included in the metadata for fits images to allow for additional query functions. The attribute list for the images will be developed over time, so the list must remain flexible.