Internet2 Research Projects

Imagine an Internet connection at school that is 10x's faster than your dorm or home connection? Well, Internet 2 is just that! As of September 15, 2001, Pace University is the recipient of a grant for $150,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to participate on the Internet2. Pace University anticipates a connection for testing on or around December 2001, for full implementation for the Spring 2002 semester.


Internet2 is a consortium of over 180 higher education institutions partnering with industry and government constituents. Internet2 is primarily for developing and deploying advanced network applications and technologies. It is hoped that the research will accelerate the creation of tomorrow's Internet. The primary goals of Internet2 include: The University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) is “the formal organization formed to manage the activities and programs of Internet2.”  UCAID is the official unit that collects member dues, fees, and administers expenditures associated with Internet2 projects.

The Internet2 concentrates on more than high-speed access. Internet2 will allow current applications to be enhanced and the creation of new applications that were not previously possible. In addition, it is anticipated that Internet2 will establish a distributed knowledge system for achieving innovations in research, teaching, and learning. The goals are:

Some current research areas at other institutions through Internet2 Working Groups and Internet2 members include:

Research Projects at Pace University

The goal of this assignment for the Fall 2001 semester is to produce a list and description of projects that could be performed at Pace University utilizing Internet2 connectivity. A detailed plan of research for at least two of the projects should be included. The projects need to be reasonable and involve current faculty, staff, and students.

It is anticipated that the Internet2 projects will foster student, faculty, and staff research that primarily focuses on:

Some benefits of the Internet2 connection and utilization include: Practical issues that would have to be managed and coordinated include:

The initial assignment should be completed by the end of the Fall 2001 semester. During the Spring 2002 semester, one or more of the projects could be worked on in cooperation with Information Technology and the appropriate participating faculty member(s).

Future Work

It is anticipated that if Pace University has a high demand for Internet2 access, plus shows a need for an even greater bandwidth, Pace will upgrade the connection to an OC-3 (155Mbps+) connection to the Internet2 from the proposed DC-3 (55Mbps).

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