Information Monitoring/Tracking System

There are several systems desired that monitor and track information. This project involves implementing several of these systems and trying to design a generic system that will handle many situations that require monitoring and tracking of information. Requested tracking systems include the following.

PC Maintenance & Tracking System

This system will assist in the maintenance, support, and tracking of PCs in CSIS at Pace University. It will have a web interface to a database backend. Information is captured when a PC is reported having a problem or needing an upgrade (the date, PC ID, PC location, nature of problem or upgrade, etc.), when the problem is fixed or software installed (by whom, the nature of the problem, etc), when a PC is moved, etc.

The system will allow PC support personnel to retrieve information. Example query results include:

Dean's Communication System

The Dean's Communication System will assist the Dean in her communications with faculty, students, and others at Pace University. It will consist of a Web site with a database backend. The Web site will have both an external and an internal section. The external "Communications from the Dean" site, will be accessible by all and the internal one will be accessable only by those having access permission. All communication items will be stored in the database for tracking and for historical record keeping.

The system will allow the Dean and her staff to easily enter communication items, and item information can be easily retrieved by query, for example:

The internal site should also allow easy entry and access to a list of reminders of items to handle.

Case Histories of Probation Students

Ken Norz would like a system to track case histories of probation students (actions, conversations during appointments, etc.).

Monitor/Track Room Reservations and Scheduling

Bernice Houle needs a system to monitor/track reservations of video conferencing rooms, scheduling of computer labs, and scheduling of student appointments.

Viable Commercial Product

Note that for those with an entrepreneurial inclination a generic monitoring/tracking system might be a viable commercial product.