VoiceXML Application Development
System and Facility

This project is for students interested in working with both hardware and software. Tools will be developed to facilitate VoiceXML application development and several small applications will be developed to test the system.

Students working on this project will participate in the development of the Pace VoiceXML lab facility. The lab will provide a gateway to develop voice applications, the interface for developing applications together with a template library, the capability to enable novices to use the code library to learn about and to build advanced applications, and will facilitate both novice and expert in deploying multi-platform applications. The laboratory hardware will consist of a Cisco router for Voice Over IP, the IBM Voice Server, a Local Area Network, PSTN, and possibly a Firewall for the Voice Server.

The architecture of the VoiceXML studio will permit the registration, development, and deployment of an application. The studio essentially enables the user to load his/her application URL which can be referenced by the IBM Voice Server. The URL is retrieved and loaded when the call is routed to the voice server.