Faculty Info System

Dean Merritt and the CSIS Department would like to have an application that tracks current and prospective faculty information. The project will involve the creation of a Web interface and a backend database. The software used will be Microsoft SQL Server for the database, and Fusebox and Cold Fusion for the Web interface. This software is supported by DoIT and the CSIS Technical Support Team.

Requirements Document (Paulette Muller-Girard, 9/30/03)


The purpose of the Prospective Faculty Application is to allow people who would like to teach at the Pace School of Computer Science and Information Systems to apply for a position by filling out a form on the Internet. The Prospective Faculty Application should capture all the information necessary to: The School of CSIS already has in prodcution two databases maintaining similar information concerning faculty and staff who have already been hired. The Prospective Faculty Application will build upon the existing data structures and web site, adding only those elements that are necessary to extend the functionality of the existing web site.

More specifically, The following functionality is requested:


The existing (and planned ) web site uses Cold Fusion and Fusebox. For more information see Fusebox. The backend databases reside on a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 instance.


All database changes (adding or altering structures) must be modeled in an Entity Relionship Diagram model. The ERD must be approved by the Database Administrator prior to implementation.

The logical flow of the application must be documented via a Wireframe document, see Fusebox Wireframes.

A thorough unit test script must be created for all web pages.