Speech Database/Tool System

This project team will create a database of speech samples and speech processing tools. Examples of speech labs, speech databases, and speech processing software tools can be found at The database of speech recordings (.wav files) will be accessible through a Web interface so users can input new recordings or listen to selected existing recordings. An example of a similar database for speech samples can be found at George Mason University's Speech Database.

Several speech processing tools will also be developed for experimental speech research in such areas as speech recognition, speaker authentication, and voice biometric studies. In order of importance, these tools include:

A search will be made to find such tools on the Internet. The tools will be incorporated in a directory on Utopia, possibly to be used interactively through the Web interface. We anticipate finding an appropriate spectral analysis tool on the Internet. For example, see the tool used in Establishing the Uniqueness of the Human Voice for Security Applications. However, we need a spectrographic tool that provides access to the actual numerical data (e.g., the energy in a particular frequency band in a particular time interval) that can be processed later in an application. A tool to separate speech from background noise can likely also be found on the Internet. However, we may have to develop the alignment tool in-house, but that should not be difficult because it is a rather concise algorithm. The procedure to recognize a person's nationality from speech samples has been provided by DPS student Arthur Phidd.

This team will write a technical paper describing the system and any experimental results obtained.