Project Deliverables

Form and Format of Deliverables

0. Team Website

1. Overview and Requirements Document

The overview and requirements document consists of several parts, see below. This document should be posted on your team website and hardcopy delivered to your instructor on the date due.

2. Design Document

The design document will vary depending of the nature of your project -- that is, whether it has hardware, a web interface to a database, a website, a database, etc.

3. Implementation Document

4. Testing Document

5. Users Manual

6. Recommendations

Final Documentation (1" looseleaf notebook with titlepage and following tabs)

  1. Overview and Requirements Document (updated)
  2. Design Document (updated)
  3. Implementation Document: Code listings, etc. (hardcopy only summary, full listing on CD/disk)
  4. Testing Document (updated)
  5. Users Manual: e.g., include screen shots of web interface (updated)
  6. Recommendations
  7. Hardcopy of presentation Powerpoint slides (6 per page)
  8. Floppy disk (as specified above) placed in a pocket of (or taped to) the inside front cover of the notebook

Technical Paper for Possible Publication