Projects    Deliverables
ID Mentor Project Students
(* indicates students from other courses)
1 Dr. Thomas (Nursing)
Jean Coppola (DoIT)
Wireless Extension of NIS
Coming NY Times Article
Sten Westgard, Judy Sullivan,
Nat Panchee, Karen Thabet
2 Rich Chasinoff/Dan Blum
(Northern West Hospital)
Dr. Pastore (Business)
Emergency Comm System
Final Report
Hy Gia Park*
3 Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Dr. Thomas (Nursing)
Medical Vital Sign Wearable Shreenath Laxman*,
Naresh Trilok*
4 Rick Bassett(Consultant)
Dr. Cha (CSIS)
Automated Rare Coin Grader
Link to Prototype
Ping Gallivan, Eric Heinen,
Xiang Gao, Akarsh Sakalaspur
5 Dr. Cha (CSIS) User Verification System Saurabh Pethe, Lisa Jordan,
William Baker, Arthur Evans
6 Dr. Trabelsi (CSIS) Voice/InkXML Application Darshan Desai*, Yani Mulyani,
Shobhana Misra, Than NyiNyi

Future Projects
ID Mentor Project Students
- Jean Coppola (DoIT) Internet2 Research Projects -
- Dr. Raggad (CSIS) Entrepreneurial Solution
and Outplacement System
- Dr. Tappert (CSIS) Wearable Computer System -