Project Deliverables

Form and Format of Deliverables

1. Overview and Requirements Document

2. Design Document

The design document will vary depending of the nature of your project - that is, whether it has hardware, a web interface to a database, a website, a database, etc. If possible and appropriate, try to do an O-O design!

3. Testing Document

4. Users Manual

5. Business Plan

  1. What is your business?...What is your excellence?...What is your positioning statement?
    Complete the following statement: Within the (define the target market), (cite the firm) provides (cite the product or service) which offers (cite the most salient strength of the product or service) relative to (cite the competitive field) because (cite the fundamental reason/support feature that is the foundation for your competitive advantage).
  2. Provide and analysis of your firm's strengths and concerns with respect to
  3. Environmental Analysis
  4. How do you compete? What is your strategic logic?

Final Documentation (1" looseleaf notebook with titlepage and following tabs)

  1. Overview and Requirements Document (updated)
  2. Design Document (conventional or object-oriented, updated)
  3. Testing Document (conventional or object-oriented)
  4. Users Manual
  5. Business Plan
  6. Hardcopy of presentation Powerpoint slides (6 per page)
  7. Recommendations
  8. Floppy disk as specified above

Paper for Publication - typical sections include: