CS632 Directed Readings in CS:
Pervasive Computing Research Seminar

CRN 36366, Mondays 12:00-1:15 pm, Goldstein 314, Pleasantville

Instructors: Drs. Sung-Hyuk Cha and Charles Tappert

Recommended but not required text:
Leedy, P.D. and Ormrod, J.E., Practical Research: Planning and Design (7th Edition), Prentice, 2000.

Course Description:
Students taking this course learn how to do research and then conduct a research study. It is designed for students taking CS632 Directed Readings in CS or CS600 Independent Study, for M.S. or D.P.S. dissertation students, and for auditing (0 credit) students who simply want to learn how to do research. Students should attempt to submit a paper for conference presentation (e.g., Student Research Day) or for journal publication by the end of the semester.

Course Research Methodology and Deliverables:
  1. Find a general topic of interest and then a specific problem in that area (it is highly recommended that students choose a problem of interest to the instructors, see Suggested Research Topics)
  2. Investigate previous approaches (review literature and present/review papers in class), Literature
  3. Propose your problem statement and approach (submit one page research proposal)
  4. Conduct your research study (obtain data, develop system, run experiments, analyze results, etc.)
  5. Complete your research contribution
Graded Events: 1000 points total
Research Proposal (due end of Oct/Feb) 200 points = 20%
Paper Reviews (2 for 1 cr, 4 for 2 cr, 6 for 4 cr) 200 points = 20%
Research Study (present results near end of course) 300 points = 30%
Research Paper (page min = 4 for 1 cr, 6 for 2 cr, 10 for 4 cr) 300 points = 30%

How To Do Research: Slides and Related CS615-616 Software Engineering Projects: Slides  Paper 

Example Research Studies: Slides1 Paper1   Slides2 Spreadsheet2 Paper2   Abstract3

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