Nielsen Videos - Quantum computing for the determined

  1. The qubit
  2. Tips for working with qubits
  3. Our first quantum gate: the quantum NOT gate
  4. The Hadamard gate
  5. Measuring a qubit
  6. General single-qubit gates
  7. Why unitaries are the only matrices to preserve length
  8. Examples of single-qubit gates
  9. The controlled-NOT gate
  10. Universal quantum computation
  11. Superdense coding
  12. Preparing the Bell state
  13. What's so special about entangled state anyway?
  14. Distinguishing quantum states
  15. Superdense coding redux: putting it all together
  16. Partial measurements
  17. Partial measurements in an arbitrary basis
  18. Quantum teleportation
  19. Quantum teleportation: discussion
  20. The postulates of quantum mechanics I: states and state space
  21. The postulates of quantum mechanics II: dynamics
  22. The postulates of quantum mechanics III: measurement