Concise Dissertation Idea Paper: Stock Market Trades by Voice

Dr. Tappert††† 8/31/00



1. Problem Statement and Goal

Problem: Use speech recognition to facilitate stock market trades from portable phones.

Goal: Demonstrate feasibility via implementation and prove productivity gains by user testing.


2. Relevance and Significance

This is a new application of speech recognition technology (actually, this may no longer be the case).


3. Barriers and Issues

The first barrier is to set up and get working a commercial speech recognition system to recognize speech commands (should not be too difficult).The second is to design and set up the user interface: the dialogs that can accomplish the task, the vocabulary, system responses, etc.The third is to transfer the system to a server and use, for example, VoiceXML to connect to the server from a telephone (thin client).The fourth is to demonstrate that it will actually accomplish the task over the limited telephone frequency-response range, cell phone dropouts, and possibly even noisy conditions. The fifth is to prove productivity gains or additional sales potential over existing technologies, including stock trades using the push buttons on phones.


4. Approach

1.       Survey the current commercial speech recognition equipment to narrow the choices.

2.       Purchase a commercial speech recognition system, install it, and get it working

†††††††† (vendor could help overcome problems).

3.       Design, set up, and test the interface dialogs

†† (some commercial systems have a developerís kit, and vendors will often help).

4.       Move to Client-Server environment: design, set up, and test VoiceXML, or alternative, software and the appropriate client-server model to allow phone access to the speech-recognition server system with voice response (recorded or synthetic) from the server.

5.       Design and run the productivity-gain study with test subjects.This would be a study of simulated stock market trades since no actual trades would occur and, in fact, access to real-time stock market information would probably not be included in this test system.


5. Resources

Equipment: commercial speech recognition system, developerís kit (if necessary), commercial voice response system, portable phone, VoiceXML or other software, use of a server, server-side software

Human resources: vendor help, test subjects


6. Reference List


Note: Where possible, students should choose a project that will be useful to their company.And, if vendor products are used, the project might also be useful to the vendor company.In this example, a speech recognition system from, say, IBM could produce useful information to that company (a company in the Hudson valley area would be ideal).Basically, we want a win situation for all participants.