DCS860A Emerging Information Technologies

Instructor: Dr. Charles C. Tappert     Email: ctappert@pace.edu     Contest Animations

The topics for this course were selected to include those not covered in the concurrent seminars or in last year's course material, those familiar to the instructor, and those that go together with a few central themes. The central themes are: small computing devices (handheld and wearable computers), communicating with computers in human modalities, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. The course goals are to understand the technological life cycle, the emerging information technologies, their issues and potential impact, and how to write a thesis proposal relating to an emerging technology.

Textbooks:    Bookstores
Emerging Information Technologies, Kendall (Editor), Sage (1999), ISBN 0761917497
The Age of Spiritual Machines, Kurzweil, Penguin (1999), ISBN 0140282025

Additional Books (not required):
Recent Advances and Issues in Computers, Gay, Oryx (2000), ISBN 1573562270
Wharton on Managing Emerging Technologies, Day and Schoemaker, Wiley (2000), ISBN 0471361216
World View: Global Strateties for the New Economy, Garten, HBS Press (2000), ISBN 1578511852
When Things Start to Think, Gershenfeld, Holt (1999), ISBN 0805058745
The New Renaissance, Robertson, Oxford (1998), ISBN 0195121899