Service Ticket Management
VXML Application

Description of Project

In service companies typically callers are given call #'s or work order numbers #'s when they phone in a problem that requires follow-up service. Users often like to follow-up on their request by calling back and checking on the status of their calls. This follow-up is something that can be handled cost effectively in an automated fashion with TTS voice responses. The thought is that since most callers are just grateful to find out where they stand in the service queue and when their service event will happen, they are probably ok with a synthesized voice.

I understand the service application very well but I have never worked with VoiceXML so I am not sure how far I will get in the remaining 2 months. My initial hope is that I get the voice prompting flow working in a nice way with a hard coded database of service events into VXML. The long term hope (possibly spilling into Part II Option next semester if you allow that) is that I have the application work with a realtime dynamic service database with rapidly changing events and to give the users the ability to query the database with multiple options besides just the call #.


To test the application do the following: Dial Tell Me Studios at 1-800-555-8355 -and- then put in 1-41356 (for the extension). There are six service events hard coded into the application at this point, please say 1 thru 6 to test them. After hearing the service status of an event you will be returned to the Tell Me Automated Attendant. You can retest the application by reentering the extension # 1-41356

My VXML Application can be viewed at: