Other Recommended Emerging IT Books

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The Quantum Brain, Satinover, Wiley (2001), ISBN 0471333263
Fundamentals of Wearable Computers, Barfield & Caudell (eds), Lawrence Erlbaum (2001), ISBN 0805829016
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The Eternal E-Customer, Bergeron, McGraw (2001), ISBN 007136479X
The Unfinished Revolution, Dertouzos, Harper (2001), ISBN 0066620678
Voice Application Development with Voicexml, Beasley, et al., Sams (2002), ISBN 0672321386
Voicexml, Parfitt, Manning (2001), ISBN 1930110146 (available Sept)
The Innovator's Dilemma, Christensen, Harvard Business School (1997), ISBN 0875845851
Business in the New Millennium Set, Christensen, et al., Harvard Business School (1999), ISBN 157851262X
Unleashing the Killer App, Downes, et al., Harvard Business School (1998, paperback 2000), ISBN 1578512611
The Spike, Broderick, Forge (2001), ISBN 0312877811
Dreaming the Future, Pickover, Prometheus (2001), ISBN 157392895X
Recent Advances and Issues in Computers, Gay, Oryx (2000), ISBN 1573562270
Wharton on Managing Emerging Technologies, Day and Schoemaker, Wiley (2000), ISBN 0471361216
World View: Global Strateties for the New Economy, Garten, HBS Press (2000), ISBN 1578511852
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The New Renaissance, Robertson, Oxford (1998), ISBN 0195121899
Wharton on Managing Emerging Technologies, Day and Schoemaker, Wiley (2000), ISBN 0471361216
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Telecosm : How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World, Gilder, Free Press (2000), ISBN 0684809303
The Emerging Cyberculture, Gibson & Oriedo (Eds), Hampton Press (2000), ISBN 1572731966
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