NSF: Embedded and Hybrid Systems (EHS) program

The National Science Foundation has issued a funding notice for its Embedded and Hybrid Systems (EHS) program. The goal of EHS is "to create and unify the foundations for managing interacting physical and computational systems and to supply the technologies needed for building reliable software- and network-enabled embedded systems. The program draws on control theory, modeling, software generation, real-time software systems, and formal methods. Relevant research includes areas such as: hybrid (discrete and continuous) modeling and control of physical systems; domain-specific design, programming, and software synthesis approaches for embedded systems; verification and analysis technology for checking and certifying correct operation of embedded software and systems; real-time open systems, middleware, and virtual machine strategies for embedded systems; dynamic scheduling that accommodates both hard and soft real-time processes; and program composition approaches for synthesizing software while preserving essential properties." Please click here to view the full announcement.