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Syllabus: Emerging Information Technologies I
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Sep 7
Course Introduction

Exercise: "Thinking outside the box"  
Technology Life Cycle (TLC): Kendall/Kurzweil
Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns
     leading to The Singularity: summit movie book
Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, and Data Mining
  Kurzweil's Law Accel. Returns
  Kurzweil's Paradigm Shifts
  TLC: Kendall Kurzweil
  Kurzweil 6 Epochs TED(not req)
  Did you know? A  B  C (not req)
Quiz 1: TLC+Kurzweil's Law
Oct 5
Data Mining   Examples: Beer & Diapers Target

1:45-2:45 Dr. Juan Shan
     Computer-aided breast cancer diagnosis

Dr. Cha: Decision Trees and Weka

Review Witten chapters 1-3
Readings: Witten: chapters 1-3

Quiz 2: Witten: chapters 1-3
Oct 26
Pattern Recognition

11:30-12:30: Dr. Carl Abrams (DPS 2006)
Dr. Cha: Association Rules and Bayesian Prob

Witten-Chap4 Highlights   Pattern Reco Basics
ISECON2011-Projects/Research Interplay
Dissertation Research Ideas in Computing
Readings: Witten chapter 4
     Pattern Recognition Basics

Quiz 3: Witten ch4 + Pat Reco
Nov 16
Biometrics see Biometrics.gov Novetta MSU

11:30-12:30: Bryan Ennis: Telehealth R&D
Dr. Cha: Clustering and Matlab

Biometrics Basics  Bio-Knock  Bio-Dance
Keystroke Biometric  Journal2010  Conf2013
Readings: Biometrics Basics
     TeleHealth: 1 2 3

Quiz 4: Biometrics Basics
Quiz 5: Biometrics + Keystroke
Dec 14
Quantum Cryptography and Computing

11:30-12:30: Dr. Ron Frank
     Quantum Key Distribution Alg

Weka Study Examples: 2012-t1 2012-t3
Readings: Quantum Papers

  Navajo  Vienna

Data Mining Team Presentations
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