DCS861A Emerging IT II - Syllabus Spring'03
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Jan 25
AI in Autonomic Computing and e-Commerce
    Chuck: Course Introduction
Speaker: Dr. David Bantz, dbantz@us.ibm.com
    Manager, IBM Global Small Business
    Talk: "Autonomic Personal Computing" slides
    11:30-12:30, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains
Readings for guest speaker:
   Autonomic Personal Computing
Complete by Feb 2:
   Quiz 1: Kendall, Chap 12
Feb 22
IT Applications in Health Care
    Chuck: Introduction to Pattern Recognition
Team 1 Presentation: Health Care Apps slides
    1:30-2:45 pm, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains
"Strategic IT apps in health care,"
    see Comm. ACM, Dec 2002
Readings suggested by the team
Complete by Feb 22:
   Quiz 2: Autonomic & Health Care
Mar 22
    Chuck: Review M.S. Projects
Team 3 Presentation: XML slides
    1:30-2:45 pm, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains
Reading for presenting team:
   XML: Special Topics
Complete by Mar 22:
   Quiz 3: Kendall, Chap 11
Apr 12
HCI, VR, Conversational Agents, etc.
    Stella: VoiceXML App: 416-736-9731 ext.237222
    Chuck: NLP Pragmatics-Conversational Agents
Team 4 Pres: Ubiquitous HCI, VR, related topics
    1:30-2:45 pm, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains
Bibliography for team presentation
Readings: Jurafsky: 667, 719-758
Complete by Apr 12:
   Quiz 4: Kendall, Chap 3
May 10
Pervasive Computing
    Chuck: Summing Up +
    How to do research: forgery example
Team 2 Presentation: Ubiquitous Computing slides
    1:30-2:45 pm, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains
UbiquitousComp, ComACM Dec02
Pervasive Comp Gets Organized
    Computerworld Jan'03
Research Paper due May 10
Complete by May 10:
   Quiz 5: Jurafsky - Pragmatics