Timeline: The Future According to Ray Kurzweil

(JANUARY 09, 2006 Computer World article)

         2010: Computers become invisible.

         2020: $1,000 buys a computer working at 10 quadrillion, or 1016, calculations per second.

         2025: Computer are able to simulate the entire human brain.

         2030: Nonbiological intelligence matches human intelligence in range and subtlety; $1,000 buys a computer 1,000 times more powerful than the human brain.

         2045: The point of "singularity" is reached, when technical progress is so fast that unenhanced human intelligence can't follow it. One can no longer distinguish between our biology and our technology.

         22nd century: Our intelligence, biological and nonbiological combined, saturates the matter and energy around us and begins to spread throughout the universe.