Syllabus: Emerging Information Technologies II
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Jan 26
Course Intro

11:30-12:30 Dr. Carl Abrams (DPS'06) slides

1:30-2:30 Brian Hammond (M.S. 2007)
  Tangible UI for Mixed Reality Billiards
2:30-2:45 Discuss Team Presentations: Topics
  Cha/Tappert Suggested Research Topics
Ray Kurzweil Jan'06 Nov'06
Presentation Evaluation 1

Feb 23
Storage Virtualization

11:30-12:30 Dr. Robert Zandoli (DPS'06)
  DPS Dissertation how to get it done
      and Dave Fronckowiak (DPS'08) slides

1:30-2:45 Team 3 Storage Virtualization
Team Reading List: 1 2 3

Presentation Evaluation 2
Quiz 1: Storage Virtualization
Mar 15
Technology Life Cycle

11:30-12:30 Dr. Li-Chiou Chen (CSIS)
  Research Problems in Information Assurance
      and Alex Tsekhansky (DPS'07)

1:30-1:45 EndNote Primer - Donovan/Craig
1:45-2:45 Team 2 Technology Life Cycle
Team Reading List: 1 2 3

Presentation Evaluation 3
Quiz 2: Team Presentation
Apr 12
Business Process Execution Lang. (BPEL)

11:30-12:30 Dr. Rita Hubert (DPS'06)
  Usability of Medical Devices by Older Adults

1:30-1:45 TeX, LaTeX, & BibTeX - Scott
        LaTeX Installation Guide
1:45-2:45 Team 1 BPEL
Team Reading:
   Essentials of BPEL

Computing Educ Research
HCI in the Year 2020

Presentation Evaluation 4
Quiz 3: Team Presentation
May 2
CSIS Student/Faculty Research Day
   9:00-4:30, Rm 204, Grad Ctr, White Plains
Attendance recommended
May 3
Course Wrap-Up

11:30-12:30 Ted Markowitz (DPS'06)
  Labeling of Large Spam Corpora

1:30-2:45 Course review/summary/wrap-up
   Discussion on the Agile Dissertation Process
Why We Do Research

Team Report on the
   Agile Dissertation Process

Quiz 4: Other Presentations
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