Syllabus: Emerging Information Technologies II
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Jan 23
Interplay of Projects and Research

11:30-12:30 Dr Cha Computational Forensics

Course Intro-Team Presentations Topics
Review: Agile DPS Dissertation Process
Interplay of Projects and Research
  P3'07 slides   P4'09 slides   P5'09 slides
  Dissertation Research Ideas in Computing
Sixth Sense, 2009
Mindboggling science, 2009
HCI in the Year 2020, 2008
Why We Do Research
Feb 20
Identity Management

11:30-12:30 Dr. Robert Zandoli (DPS'06)
  DPS Dissertation how to get it done

1:30-2:45 Team 2 Identity Management
Team Readings: 1 2 3 4

Presentation Evaluation 1
Mar 20
Dynamic Resource Allocation on
LTE OFDMA with Game Theory

11:30-12:30 Computer Chess and Go
   The Game of Chess - Computer Chess
   The Game of Go - Computer Go
Stylometry   Robert Zack (DPS 2010)

1:30-2:45 Team 4 Resource Allocation
Team Readings: Click here

Presentation Evaluation 2
Apr 17
The Technical Aspects of IPTV

11:30-12:30 Ted Markowitz (DPS'06)
  Labeling of Large Spam Corpora

1:30-2:45 Team 3 Presentation: IPTV
Team Readings:

Presentation Evaluation 3
May 7
CSIS Student/Faculty Research Day 2010
   9:00-4:30, Rm 204, Grad Ctr, White Plains
Attendance recommended
May 8
Agile DPS Dissertation Process

11:30-12:30 Robert Zack (DPS'10)
  Biometric ROC Curves from kNN Classifier

1:30-2:45 Team report presentations and
discussion of the Agile Dissertation Process
Team Reports: Agile DPS
   Dissertation Process

Presentation Evaluation 4
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