Syllabus: DCS891A Research Seminar 1
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Mtg    Topics    Assignments
Sep 13
Dr. Fred Grossman,  Research Seminars
Brief introductions: instructors, students
Overview of course: website, assignments, etc.
Overview of Leedy text: Practical Research
Assignment 1: Evaluate a research study
    Forgery Detection: paper  slides
Book chapter overview: 1. What is Research
   2. Tools of Research
   3. Problem: The Heart of the Research Process
Readings: Leedy chap 1-3
   and in-class handouts
Quiz 1: Leedy 1-3
Oct 8
6:00-7:00 Dr. Charles Tappert,
   A Brief Introduction to Historical Research
   Historical Research Example: Xerox v. Palm
   Word/Phrase Shorthand Interface
4. Review the Related Literature
5. Planning Your Research Project
6. Writing the Research Idea Paper/Proposal
Assignment 2: Evaluate DPS Dissertation
Strunk & White   In-class Exercise.   Chronicle
Readings: Leedy chap 4-6
Assignment 1
Quiz 2: Leedy 4-6
Oct 29
Cloud Computing: Intro + Research Today
Assignment 3: Literature Review
Readings: Strunk and White
Assignment 2
Quiz 3: Strunk and White
Nov 19
6:00-7:30 Dr.Ron Frank,What is Research Like?
7. Qualitative Research
8. Historical Research
9. Descriptive Research
Dissertation Idea Paper Overview Diagram
In-class Exercise: reverse engineer wrinkliness
   conference paper to obtain an idea paper
Assignment 4: DPS Dissertation >> Idea Paper
Readings: Leedy chap 7-9
Assignment 3
Quiz 4: Leedy 7-9
Dec 17
6:00-7:15 Dr.Ron Frank, continue previous talk
10. Experimental and Ex Post Facto Designs
11. Statistical Techniques for Analyzing Data
12. Technical Details: Style, Format, Org.
Course Review & Assignment 4 Discussion
For human experimental subjects, see Pace IRB
Readings: Leedy chap 10-12
Assignment 4
Quiz 5: Leedy 10-12

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