Syllabus: Research Seminar 1
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Mtg    Topics    Assignments
Sep 8
Orientation Slides   Course Overview
Overview of Leedy text: Practical Research
Agile DPS Diss. Process  CACM paper
Assignment 1: Evaluate a Dissertation
Evaluate-a-paper Exercise: Conf. paper slides eval
Book chapter overview:
1. The Nature and Tools of Research
2. Problem: The Heart of the Research Process
Quiz 1: Leedy 1-2
Oct 6
6:00-7:15: Dr. Agerwala, Data Centric Computing
7:15-8:30: Dr. Frank, What is Doctoral Research Like?
Assignment 2: Literature Search 1 2
3. Review of the Related Literature
4. Planning Your Research Project
5. Writing the Research Proposal
Quiz 2: Leedy 3-5
Oct 20
6:00-7:00: Dr. Dan Farkas, Geographic Info. Systems
7:00-9:00: Dr. Charles Tappert,
   A Brief Introduction to Historical Research
   Pen-centric interfaces & Xerox v Palm avd
Strunk & White   In-class Exercise.   Joke
Write Less Badly   "Lousy Talk"
Assignment 1
Quiz 3: Strunk&White
Nov 10
6:00-7:00: Dr. Ron Frank, Quantum Key Distribution

Dr. Tappert, Project-Research Interplay
    Capstone Projects Paper  slides  Projects-Fall-2017
    Research Day Conference  2015  2016  2017
Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes
How Reviewers Evaluate a Research Paper
Dissertation Research Ideas in Computing
Assignment 3: Your Idea Paper
6. Descriptive Research
7. Exp, Quasi-Exp, & Ex Post Facto Designs
8. Analyzing Quantitative Data
Assignment 2
Quiz 4: Leedy 6-8
Dec 1
6:00-7:00: Dr. Matt Ganis, Social Media Analytics
 9. Qualitative Research Methods
10. Historical Research
11. Analyzing Qualitative Data
12. Mixed-Methods Designs
13. Planning/Preparing Final Research Report
Students present their idea papers
Assignment 3
Quiz 5: Leedy 9-13
All Quizzes Due 12/8

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