DCS891B Research Seminar 2

Dr. Chuck Tappert   Email: ctappert@pace.edu   Website   SurveyMonkey
Dr. Allen Stix    Email: astix@pace.edu

This is the second of a series of five research seminars, see Research Seminars.

Rudestam, K.E. and Newton, R.R., Surviving Your Dissertation, Sage, 2001, ISBN 0761919627.

Other recommended but not required books:
Hinton, P. R., Statistics Explained, Routledge, 2004, ISBN 0415332850.
Creswell, J.W., Research Design, Sage, 2003.
Bolker, J, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day, Holt, 1998.
Zobel, J., Writing for Computer Science, Springer, 1997.
Turabian, K.L., A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, U. Chicago, 1996.
Booth, W.C., Colomb, G.G., and Williams, J.M., The Craft of Research, U. Chicago Press, 1995.
Walliman, N., Your Research Project, Sage, 2005.

Classroom etiquette: please turn cell phones off during class time.

Graded Events and Grade Scale

Quizzes: Five quizzes (each with 25 minute limit) are to be taken via Blackboard. The quizzes are designed not only to check that you read the assignments but also to increase your capability of quickly processing and comprehending reading material. All quizzes must be attempted and at least half of the total quiz points achieved.

Assignments: Four researh-related assignments similar to last semester.

Incompletes: in order to be fair to those students who complete the course in a timely manner, our policy is to reduce the grade of those students taking an incomplete by a letter grade for each semester, or portion thereof, that the incomplete is in effect.

Graded Events
Event Possible points per person
Quizzes on Readings 100 points
Assignment 1 100 points
Assignment 2 100 points
Assignment 3 100 points
Assignment 4 100 points
Total 500 points

Grade Scale
500 points = 100%
Grade Assigned Score Definition
A  93-100% 465 or more points Dominates the Material
A-  90-93% 450-464 points Masters the Material
B+  87-90% 435-449 points Good Understanding
with Flashes of Stellar Work
B  83-87% 415-434 points Good Understanding
B-  80-83% 400-414 points Aptitude for the Subject
Less than 80%
below 400 points Weak for Graduate Work