DCS891B Research Seminar 2

Dr. Chuck Tappert, Room 325, Goldstein Academic Center, Pleasantville

Leedy and Ormrod, Practical Research (11th Ed.), Pearson 2015.
Strunk and White, The Elements of Style.
Other recommended but not required books

Course Description: This is the second of a series of five research seminars, see Research Seminars. The course will cover the traditional dissertation process and the agile approach to the dissertation process employed in this program.

This seminar continues to introduce students to research in computing and information technology. Faculty and/or invited researchers will make presentations of their own or of others' research. Students will be given material to read in advance of the presentations, and are expected to participate in discussions about the essence and context of the research.

Course Website: An extensive course website (link available from Blackboard) presents all the course information. Blackboard is used only for quizzes. Course website links in the left menu area are to:

Course Information: The information about the course is readily available. If you can't find something -- Blackboard, course website, your Pace University ID U-number, etc. -- your first source should be your team members before going to your instructor.

Classroom etiquette: please turn cell phones off during class time.

Graded Events and Grade Scale

Individual and Team Assignments: This semester we will have four research-related assignments and five quizzes. Some assignments will be individual assignments and some will be team or class assignments.

Incompletes: in order to be fair to those students who complete the course in a timely manner, our policy is to reduce the grade of those students taking an incomplete by a letter grade for each semester, or portion thereof, that the incomplete is in effect.

Graded Events
Event Possible points per person
Four Assignments
3 Individual: 100 pts each
1 Team: 200 points
500 points
Five Quizzes
(20 points each)
100 points
Class Participation
(100 points)
100 points
Total 700 points

Grade Scale: 600 points = 100%
Grade Definition
A  93-100% Dominates the Material
A-  90-93% Masters the Material
B+  87-90% Good Understanding
with Flashes of Stellar Work
B  83-87% Good Understanding
B-  80-83% Aptitude for the Subject
Less than 80%
Weak for Graduate Work