DCS891C Research Seminar
Each student makes a class presentation and a Web publication on a research paper:
essence/context/significance, methodology, related papers, related research problems
Meeting     Topics    
May 21
Fred: Course introduction/objective: students select and report on a research paper
Fred: discussion of research paper selections and presentations
Chuck: DPS Internal Website http://support.csis.pace.edu/dps/dpsinternal/
Chuck: How To Do Research   Example Research Study
Fred: critique of example research study
Jun 18
Student research paper presentations
Jul 16
Student research paper presentations
Aug 6
Student research paper presentations
Leedy, P.D. and Ormrod, J.E., Practical Research: Planning and Design (8th Edition), Prentice, 2005.
Bolker, J, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day, Holt, 1998.
Suggested Research Topics by Sung Cha and Chuck Tappert


In accordance with the learning objectives of the research seminar sequence, the primary focus this semester is on having the students pick a research paper and make a class presentation and Web publication that cover the following items related to the paper: essence/context/significance, methodology, related papers, related research problems. We frequently add other material but often do not have time to cover it in detail. Therefore, we have included these notes describing the additional material so that you can understand what it concerns and review it on your own. If you have any questions on this material, please contact us.

Time permitting, for meeting 1 we review the DPS Internal Website and especially the material related to dissertations. We also review the general research methodology, and then present and critique a master's level study.

The remaining metings are devoted to the student research paper presentations and related discussions.

Finally, the Suggested Research Topics describe the research areas of interest to Sung Cha and Chuck Tappert and some of the recent publications and activities in these areas. We are particularly interested in working with DPS students doing dissertations in these areas.