Project Information
ID Customer
(primary in green+Subject Matter Experts)
Project Student Team
(team leader in green, extra in brown)
1 Larry Immohr (DPS)
Dr.Villani(SUNY Farmingdale)
Jay Ngo (Consultant)
Mouse Movement System Adam Weiss
Shinese Noble
Anil Ramapanicker
Pranav Shah
2 Sandy Westcott (DPS)
Dr.Villani(SUNY Farmingdale)
Stylometry System Chris Ojar
Rob Goodman
Matthew Hahn
Madhuri Marella
3 Dr. Bernice Houle (CSIS)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Face Recognition Demo
project cancelled
4 John Galatti (DPS)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Bridge Bidding Website Theresa Reese
Robert Hackman
North Hinkle
Vanessa Simpson
5 Dr. Tappert (CSIS) Genealogy Web Application
Genealogy2006 User Manual
Jim Rennard
6 Mark Ritzmann (DPS)
Dr.Villani(SUNY Farmingdale)
Jay Ngo (Consultant)
Keystroke Biometric System Derwin Lugo
Michael Friedman
Birendra Gurung
Murat Ocak
Lars Weinrich
Note: the project ID number is also a link to the project team's website.