Face Recognition Demonstration System


Many face recognition techniques have been explored and the current trend focuses on three-dimensional techniques. The Eigenface algorithm, however, although rather mathematical, is popular and simple to implement, see for example the following references:


We will create an interesting demonstration using the Eigenface technique. One possible scenario of the demonstration is as follows. Photos of several students are taken and added into the system's database during a training phase. Each of the training photos is labeled with the name of the student. Then, during the testing (recognition) phase, we take and enter a new photo (unknown to the system, not one used for training) of one of the students and the system finds the best match among the training photos and returns that photo and the name of the student.

This is a continuation of a project from 2003. At that time the Eigenface algorithm was coded using Matlab software, and we have that code. Because that code may be difficult to work with, it might be easier to find code available on the internet. Therefore, the first objective is to get some version of the Eigenface algorithm up and running. Once we have a working version of the software, we will turn our focus to the demonstration.