NWH Healthy Kids Website


The President's Council of Northern Westchester Hospital created a coalition of community leaders to launch a special initiative to improve the health and well being of children in Northern Westchester. Initially, the focus will be on nutrition and fitness. The coalition driving the effort includes town supervisors, superintendents of school systems, educators, health care professionals and leaders of religious and community organizations in several local communities.

As a reference point, following are the mission, vision and strategy of the coalition:

At this point, several projects are beginning to take shape:
  1. Passport P'ville: Under the leadership of Dr. Don Antonnechia, superintendent of the Pleasantville Union Free School District, and in collaboration with the Coalition and working with local community resources, the goal of the Passport is to help children develop and sustain habits to support a healthy lifestyle. Projects will include learning to eat healthy and responsibly and being physically active on a routine basis. Students in the Pleasantville school system will receive passport booklets and have the opportunity to fill them with stamps which recognize that they're walking to school; planning, purchasing, preparing and eating healthy meals with their families, visiting local parks and walking the trails, working in community gardens and much more. When the passports are filled, the students will qualify for passport completion awards
  2. Improving the quality of food/snacks served in pre-school, enrichment and after-school programs in the area: This will involve clarifying the options, cost (and way of managing the cost burden) of improved food choices, education and marketing of the recommended changes to parents and participating children, etc. We're just pulling this together.
  3. A policy oriented forum/conference regarding sustainability, improved nutrition, change management in this arena, etc. This will likely be driven by Pace; discussions are just beginning
  4. PR and Marketing: Developing a PR and marketing plan to spotlight the work of the coalition as we move along, both to communicate with our 'end customers' and build the perception of credibility and value of our efforts to this audience
  5. Website (focus of this project)


The focus of the project is to create a website with appropriate content and functionality. The website URL will be at www.HealthyKids-NoW.com with the title Healthy Kids in Northern Westchester. The website should be an easy to use and highly relevant site for people in Northern Westchester. A great many appealing sites and lots of useful information are scattered across multiple web locations. Our goal is to cherry pick what's of interest and usefulness to local professionals in the children's health arena, parents and children. Design and graphics will be essential to capture attention and sustain active use.

Issues regarding the website will include administration, flexibility of updating, ease of navigation for users, ability to selectively e:blast, loading of complementary links, design and graphics, technical support and monitoring # hits.

Initial thoughts include: