Forensic Evidence Management Information System

In the recent years, many Law Enforcement TV shows such as CSI have eluded that there are automated computer systems that agents can use to obtain information on cases based on a photo in a matter of minutes. An excellent example is when an agent enters into said system a picture of a suspect or a bullet retrieved from a crime scene, and then a match is found in the system in no time at all. This, in fact, is far from the truth. It can take weeks or months for agencies to process their evidence and build their case. They currently maintain all their evidence in various formats and systems, many of which are not automated at all. The need for Law Enforcement Agencies to have one reciprocal to maintain their forensic evidence is quite high. The lead investigator could enter all his evidence in one system and all examiners would have the ability to quickly retrieve the evidence and all information pertaining to it.

The FEiMIS web site will make use of a centralized database in order to store all forensics evidence in one reciprocal. The forensic evidence may include pictures of suspects, fingerprints, handwriting samples, etc. Law Enforcement Agencies will have the ability to enter a new case with all relevant evidence and enter a description of the data. The agencies will also have the opportunity to search for existing cases and forensic evidence attached to that case.

The team will consider the security necessary to maintain the sensitive data stored in the database. Open cases will only be editable by authorized agents and all closed cases may only be viewable. Only authorized agents may use the web site.

As aforementioned, the team will work to develop a centralized database at this time. The system is being developed with the intent of it being used nationwide. As such, a distributed database may prove pertinent in the future.