Project Information
ID Customer
(primary in green+Subject Matter Experts)
Project Student Team
(team leader in green, extra in brown)
4 Robert Zack (DPS'10)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Michael Wuench (fall08 proj)
Swati Bharati (fall07 proj)
Keystroke Biometric
Authentication System

Alpha Amatya (CS)
James Aliperti (CS)
Tom Mariutto (IT)
Ankoor Shah (IT)
Michael Warren (IT)
5 Kevin Gravesande (DPS'09)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Kwatie Jones-Quartey(f08proj)
Integrating GIS into EMR
Rahkiya Hawkins (IT)
Cris Andrade (IT)
Perry Estes (IT)
Steve Friedlander (IT)
6 Steve Kim (DPS'09)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Marilyn Silva (fall08 proj)
Raji Indukuru (fall08 proj)
Social Network
Forensic Tools

Janet Cheng (CS)
Therese LaMarche (IT)

Jennifer Hoffman (IT)
Ahmet Tavil (CS)
Amit Yadav (CS)
9 Dr. Cha (CSIS)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Dr. James Keehner
Cheyenne Steele
Steve McMaster
Personality Assessment
from Handwriting
Aaron Dancygier (CS)
Stacy Bryan (CS)
Jayson Diaz (IT)
Sunday Olatunbosun(CS)
10 Andrew Boyd (DPS'10)
Kaven Williams (DPS'10)
Dr. Tappert (CSIS)
Social Networking Privacy
Scott Densten (IT)
Ron Chin (IT)
Diana Diamond (IT)
Chris Morgenthaler (IT)
Notes: 1. The project ID number is also a link to the project team's website.
2. Continued projects usually have new directions/focuses.