Pace Library Website


The Pace University Library website has not changed for about two years. The staff would like to survey the library users and ask them what they need and want out of the website, and possibly do some usability testing. Some of the staff has ideas for what they think should be on the site, and there are new techniques that might be implemented, such as blogs and wikis, or way to improve delivery of resources, information, and services. Although the library's web development team is not enthusiastic about the University's CMS, that is the environment in which all university web sites must operate.

The following information was sent to the web committee about the redesign of the library website:

"We need to ask our users (students, faculty, staff) what they need from the Library web site, what is good about the current site, and what they don't like about the current site; we could also make suggestions about new possibilities and ask them their opinions (i.e. Quick search box - maybe Research Pro? Catalog? - on the home page; Blog/RSS feed of Library News or Blog/RSS feed of recommended resources; are people interested in these things?). The goal is gain information about what works, what does not, and what else might be needed. The information will be gained by a survey that will be linked to from the library homepage, printed copies of the survey near the computers, and focus groups with a select group of students for more specific information. I have our previous focus group survey attached here, as well as the library workstation feedback document that we used after the switch to the new design. I am hoping to use that previously existing evaluation as a starting point. Sarah was able to find three online surveys that we can also possibly adapt for our survey:,, Now for the fun part. I am asking for you to look at our previous focus group questions and three online surveys to see what questions we should include. Please keep in mind that our survey needs to be short, sweet and hopefully take 5 minutes or less to complete."


The goal of this project is to evaluate and redesign the library website. The work will be done in two phases.
  1. The first phase will be to evaluate the current website and solicit suggestions for improvement. This will likely involve developing a new survey from the existing ones from Pace (Library Focus Group Questions and Library Workstation Feedback) and the ones mentioned above from other libraries.
  2. The second phase will be to develop one or more redesigned prototype websites based on the constructive criticism from the first phase of the work, and be sure to conform to the University's CMS environment in which all university websites must operate. We will then do focus groups and usability testing with the new proposed designs.

Midterm Checkpoint (our second classroom meeting).
The first phase must be completed. Better yet would be to have an initial prototype website based on the findings from phase one.