Analysis of
DPS Dissertations


There are about 60 DPS dissertations, see DPS dissertations.

We want to categorize the DPS dissertations in a number of ways and collect associated information in one location. Each dissertation will be given


A database will collect this information with a web interface to facilitate access. The software will be a MySQL database with PHP providing the web interface. The database will consist of the following three tables exactly as specified below.

TABLE: Dissertations - contains statistics on each dissertation:

TABLE: Committee Members: TABLE: External Publications: Project customers will provide lists of subject categories and methods used, and provide their assignments to each dissertation. They will also provide the related external publications and authors.

Some reports of interest are:

Customer Rinaldo DiGiorgio also has ideas for accessing information directly from the dissertations by using context and extraction software, for details see Automatic Dissertation Information Extraction.

Fast Agile XP Deliverables

We will use the agile methodology, particularly Extreme Programming (XP) which involves small releases and fast turnarounds in roughly two-week iterations. Many of these deliverables can be done in parallel by different members or subsets of the team.

The following is the current list of deliverables (ordered by the date initiated, initiated date marked in bold red if programming involved, deliverable modifications marked in red, completion date and related comments marked in green, pseudo-code marked in blue):

  1. 9/24 10/11 Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the database with tables for dissertations, faculty advisors, subject categories, methods, etc. Get approval on the ERD from the customers.
  2. 9/24 11/18 Construct the database and after minimal database population run some simple queries to test it.
  3. 9/24 11/18 Populate the database. The customers will provide subject categories, methods, and related publications for each dissertation.
  4. 9/24 11/18 Obtain the reports suggested here and possible others to be determined by the customers.
  5. 9/24 Simultaneous to the above deliverables, begin work on customer Rinaldo's associated portion of the project.
  6. 11/20 Fix/modify the following in the database: