Web Interfaces to Backend Databases


We have two database systems that need a little work -- a DPS Dissertation Database System and the Pace University Genealogy System. We are primarily interested in completing the DPS Database. If time permits, improvements could also be made to the genealogy database system.

The Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing at Pace University is a a unique doctoral program that allows active IT professionals to earn a doctorate degree in three years through part-time study. There are currently about 70 completed DPS dissertations, see DPS dissertations.


This will be a small 1-2 person project. A MySQL database with a PHP web interface was completed last semester for the PDPS Dissertation Database [1]. The project this semester will correct some errors in the database.

Another small project could involve the Pace University Genealogy system.


  1. Matt Rotundo, Arun Jose, Brian Richards, Patrick Stankard, Diah Schur Andriyan Leo, Fabio Garcia, Xu Yang, and Allen Stix, Web Interfaces to Backend Databases Using PHP and MySQL. Proc. CSIS Research Day, Pace University, 2012.