Web Interfaces to Backend Databases


We have two database systems that need work -- a DPS dissertation database system and a genealogy database system. We are primarily interested in completing the DPS database with a proper web interface. If time permits, improvements could also be made to the genealogy database system.

The Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing at Pace University is a a unique doctoral program that allows active IT professionals to earn a doctorate degree in three years through part-time study. There are currently about 70 completed DPS dissertations, see DPS dissertations.

The DPS dissertation database categorizes dissertations in a number of ways and collects associated information in one location. Each dissertation is given


A MySQL database with a PHP web interface was completed last semester using the WinSCP (Windows Secure CoPy) software, see the interface at DPS Dissertation Database and the associated Project Report.

The project this semester will develop an easy-to-use interface to add/delete/modify the tables and queries.

If time permits we will examine for possible extensions the Genealogy system.

Fast Agile XP Deliverables

We will use the agile methodology, particularly Extreme Programming (XP) which involves small releases and fast turnarounds in roughly two-week iterations. Many of these deliverables can be done in parallel by different members or subsets of the team.

The following is the current list of deliverables (ordered by the date initiated, initiated date marked in bold red if programming involved, deliverable modifications marked in red, completion date and related comments marked in green, pseudo-code marked in blue):

  1. 2/1 . Become familiar with the current DPS dissertation database and web interface. Plan the semester's work with your customers.