Project Deliverables

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Technical Paper for Possible Publication

Project Website and Directory

Each team will be provided with a directory on the Vulcan CSIS server. Using Secure FTP each team will create a simple website to post the project information and a list of the project's team members. It will also serve as the repository of all projects deliverables and other project information (programs, data, etc.). For a continuation project, we usually continue to use the same directory used by the previous team, which you will need to update with your project information and move the material from the earlier project into a subdirectory so it doesn't get lost. For a new project, you will need to create a website and associated information from scratch. FTP access information (Host, Username, Password) will be emailed to each team separately. A free download from Core FTP is easy-to-use FTP software, but you must use SSH/SFTP (see screenshot). Note that the project ID on the Projects page of the course website is a link to the project directory and associated website on the Utopia server. Although it must be completed, this is not a major deliverable and your team should not spend excessive effort on it.