Quantum Key Distribution


  1. Quantum Key Distribution is fairly easily understood: The customer will provide the background material.
  2. There exists a running debugged Java code-based simulator that has a command-line interface using std in & std out. The customer will provide the current simulator.


Replace the command-line interface with a web browser front end. This includes:
  1. Improved GUI interface for inputting the data, probably forms-based.
  2. Improved browser-based reporting and formatting of errors and successful conclusion.
  3. Documentation should comprise two documents.
  4. If possible (but not a requirement), do the project in HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript, so that a version can be ported to mobile platforms. This can be mostly done by using Dreamweaver CS6 and calling the existing Java code internally. In this case the Dreamweaver limitation to HTML 4 is acceptable.
  5. If time allows, add a repository of inputs & results (a history) for running comparisons and statistics at a later time. This really is only storing the results of runs in a standard form for later readout.