Forensic Tools for Facebook


Social network sites are becoming increasingly popular, and have attracted millions of users, many of whom have integrated these sites into their daily practice. There are many security issues with the social network sites. Users have the right to post information as they like, but is the information they are putting up secure? How easy is it for others to access and change the information on their sites?

For related earlier work, see Research Day 2009 paper, Research Day 2011 paper, Project Fall 2011.


This semester we will focus on security issues with Facebook. The customer has provided a link to FBI Request for Proposal that has ideas potentially useful for the project.

Fast Agile XP Deliverables

We will use the agile methodology, particularly Extreme Programming (XP) which involves small releases and fast turnarounds in roughly two-week iterations. Many of these deliverables can be done in parallel by different members or subsets of the team. The following is the current list of deliverables (ordered by the date initiated, initiated date marked in bold red if programming involved, deliverable modifications marked in red, completion date and related comments marked in green, pseudo-code marked in blue):
  1. 2/1 (first week). Read the background material, brainstorm possible research problems, decide on two or three to work on for the semester, and plan the semester's work with your customer Steve Kim and your instructor.