Project Status Presentation/Demo Schedule
(25 minutes + 5 minute transition time per project team)
Time Presentation/Demo
5:50-6:00 Come early if you need to make setup preparations
6:00-6:30 Team 1 Mobile Phone Security
6:30-7:00 Team 2 Smartphone/Laptop Security-Acceptability/Ease-of-Use Study
7:00-7:30 Team 3 Keystroke Biometric System for Touch Screen Text Input on Android Devices
7:30-8:00 Team 4 Android Sensor Biometrics: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Scrolling gestures
8:00-8:30 Team 5 Design Biometric System to Verify Online Test Takers on Mouse/Keystroke Input
8:30-9:00 Team 6 Investigate and Design Multi-Biometric System

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