IT691/CS691 Biometric Products Project

Project Background and Description
There are some relatively inexpensive products and some free software available for many biometrics. This project team will acquire several biometric software systems and evaluate their performance.

Your first task will be to create a table of the available biometric products that includes the biometric, the company, a link to the product, and the cost (some software may be free on a trial basis). Your customer will purchase some of these products, and while the products are being obtained you can work with those that are free on a trial basis.

The main tasks will be structured on completion of the first task and will require some programming. One of the products we will almost certainly purchase is a key logger that records all keystrokes on the machine on which it is installed. One of these key loggers was investigated in an earlier project, see Research Day 2010 paper entitled Keystroke Biometric: Data/Feature Experiments. In order to test the key logger output we will convert the output of at least one of the keyloggers into the raw-data input format of the Pace University Keystroke Biometric System.

Another task on this project might be to compare several face recognition systems and create an interesting face recognition demonstration. The demonstration will allow an instructor to collect face images of a class of students and determine which students look most similar to other students in the class