Capstone Projects Course

Final Project Presentation/Demonstration

and System Evaluation (200 points)



Student Team:





Presentation Part 1: Overview (50 points)

(what might be presented on Research Day,

first 10 minutes of final presentation)

         Overview and content

         Presentation style and clarity

         Within time limit


Presentation Part 2: Details (25 points)

(remaining 13 minutes of final presentation)

         Project details

         System demonstration (if appropriate)

         Smooth operation

         Interface consistent and easy to use

         Within time limit


Evaluation of System (125 points)

         System operation per specification

         Features of system

         Interface consistent and easy to use

         Estimation of quality and effort

         Design (conceptual integrity)

         Implementation (elegance)


         Documentation, primarily User Manual




Final Project Grade (200 points):



Team Member Grades: