App for Nutrition

This is a continuation of last semester's project and here's the resulting Fall 2017 Technical Paper. This project involves further development of an iphone game with a lot of complex mechanics, so for this project to continue we need at least one advanced Xcode (iOS) developer or students willing to get up-to-speed quickly. Students having these skills are guaranteed to work on this project but without these skills we will likely cancel the project.

Malnutrition in older adults can lead to many serious health problems, including infection, pneumonia, and falls. Providing tools, such as knowledge and social supports, to older adults at risk of malnutrition could lead to improved quality of life and fewer hospitalizations. NYU and Mt. Sinai are looking to develop an app that would provide strategies to improve nutrition among older adults through an interactive bingo game. Users could play the system or other users to increase social engagement. Students will be expected to get user feedback and incorporate suggestions back into the app. This app would be piloted among older adults in the community to assess acceptability and effectiveness. No specialized equipment other than access to a desktop computer + iPhone, iOS and Android devices should be necessary. The team would also enter the app in the Spring Smart Westchester Mobile App Development contest.

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