App for Stroke Prediction

Stroke is the leading cause of permanent motor disability in adults in the world. Immediately following a stroke, the amount of time taken to get a stroke survivor to the hospital can significantly impact long-term outcome. In addition, in individuals who are at-risk of stroke, specific neuroprotective protocols could be enacted in order to prevent, or lessen the impact of a stroke. The ability to accurately identify individuals who are in imminent danger of a stroke could potentially save lives and significantly alter the long-term outcomes stroke survivors.

Mt. Sinai is interested in developing an app that would help with a stroke prediction project. This project would include developing a Desktop app that accepts iOS and Android phones when they are plugged in, and allows (with the participant's permission) to download the following data from the last up to 12 months:

No specialized equipment other than access to a Desktop computer + iOS and Android device should be necessary. Mt. Sinai can provide an Android or Apple device if they are needed, but students can also use their own devices. Students will be expected to get user feedback and incorporate suggestions back into the app. The team would also enter the app in the Spring Smart Westchester Mobile App Development contest.

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