Biometric Security Acceptability


The use of biometric technology has a potential to provide both an increase in security as well as offering more convenience in our day-to-day lives. The use of fingerprint recognition has emerged into the mainstream with iOS devices that have a Touch ID sensor as a method to secure devices while also providing a quicker and easier unlocking method than the tradition PIN. Facial and speaker recognition is also starting to appear for Android and Windows devices.

Project Description

This research has focused on the opinions of a broad and diverse demographic in regards to the perceived acceptability, ease-of-use, and security of the various biometric modalities at home, work, and in financial institutions.

This project is a continuation of some last semester's projects, see 2016 Research Day Conference paper1 and paper2.

This semester's project will focus on developing an excellent survey instrument to survey various groups of the population to determine the acceptability of biometrics for sucurity purposes. The survey will be tested on small groups and then conducted on large groups accessed through LinkedIn user groups. Survey results will then be analyzed.