Brain Computer Interface

This is a continuation of last semester's project and here's the resulting Fall 2017 Technical Paper.


Since the beginning of time people have been interested in finding out how the brain works - see slides on Ray Kurzweil's book How to Create a Mind. Our understanding of the mind has improved through studying artificial intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience, and robotics. This project involves understanding of the existing digital human brain models created so far based of computer science perspective.


This project involves the following steps: This semester's extension of the project will involve: The outcome of this project should provide an excellent background and literature review for existing brain models, deep learning or other studies in this area.

This project is basically a literature review project and involves no programming. The students selecting this project must have high proficiency in the English language, and excellent library research and writing capabilities.

Below are some links of some existing Brain/Mind Models:

Below are articles and papers on Brain/Mind Models and long short-term memory(LSTM) Additional references (previous Research Day Conference papers):
2017 Research Day Conference, Paper c6
2017 Research Day Conference, Paper c9

We recently submitted a Brain-AAAI Conference Paper to 2017 Symposium on ĎA Standard Model of the Mindí which was prepared hurriedly at the last minute and therefore rejected.

For those who are interested in coding, we recommend coding the Rosenblatt's Brain Memory Model (Dr. Frank Rosenblatt was the inventor of perceptrons).