Environment Sensing
Internet of Things and Big Data

This is a continuation of last semester's project and here's the resulting Fall 2017 Technical Paper.


We are beginning a joint collaboration between the Seidenberg school, the Lubin School of business, and the Dyson Environmental Center to understand the effects of the environment on the pond here on the Pleasantville campus.

We will work as a team on this project - there are 2 undergraduate Seidenberg students committed to this project and there will be some number from Dyson (the environmentalists to help us understand what kind of data we need to collect) and a team from the Entrepreneur center (Lubin) to understand how this can be commercialized.

Project Description

Our first step will be to submerge a number of temperature sensors into the pond and collect data at several depths of water over the course of the year. This data will then need to be visualized (comparing layers of water, or isotherms) to gain a better understanding of the affects of air temperature compared to water temperature. There are a number of interesting areas that need to be explored and implemented as part of this seemingly simple task: Certainly there are many other issues -- these are just a few.

2017 Research Day Conference, Paper a2