A Database for a Research Inventory in the Hudson/Mohawk Watershed


The Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities was established in 2004 to advance our understanding of the cultural, social, political, economic and natural factors affecting the region.

There are currently 62 Institutional Members in the Consortium with a collective student, faculty, and staff community comparable to cities with populations over 220,000 people. A map and list of institutions in the Consortium is available at: Map and Institutions.

The database will be a repository of research projects in the Hudson/Mohawk watershed.

Project Description

The current information is contained in an unstructured spreadsheet. The goal is to build an interface to modifiable, searchable database of research projects in the Hudson/Mohawk Valley.

A prototype of the project has been built, and the updated project will involve:

  1. Finalizing the database fields and where appropriate develop a uniform coding protocol for query (developed with customer).
  2. Rebuilding/modifying the schema and database using MySQL
  3. Enhancing data entry, data query, data editing and reporting functions
  4. Enhancing the PHP front-interface (designed with customer)
  5. Build a back/up restore function.
This project is a continuation of two previous semester projects:
  1. Last semester's project, see 2016 Fall Project Paper and 2016 Fall Project User Manual
  2. Spring 2016 semester's project, see 2016 Research Day Conference paper.
NOTE. This project will involve a bi-weekly conference call meeting with the Customer.