Deep Learning and Brain Function
Human Visual System


Since the beginning of time people have been interested in finding out how the brain works - see slides on Ray Kurzweil's book How to Create a Mind. This project involves the human visual system which is one of the best understood systems in the human brain.

Some previous character recognition projects are perhaps tangentially related to this one, see Research Day Conference papers 2011 and 2010. Also, see Dissertation by Dmitry Nikelshpur.


This project involves the following steps: This semester's extension of the project will involve: The outcome of this project should provide an excellent background and literature review for deep learning or other studies in this area.

This project is basically a literature review project and involves no programming. The students selecting this project must have high proficiency in the English language, and excellent library research and writing capabiliies. The English in the technical paper from last semester will need to be improved and the material extended with this semester's work.

This project is a continuation of last semester's project, see 2016 Fall Project Paper.